ENAN GALALY - Personal Proverbs

“Time has elapsed for municipalities, governments and states that officials and public sectors to continue acting as a baby sitter for the society development”.

“Money is not just a figure in a financial institute account, but a tool to expand experience that can enhance development in many sectors”.

Since Enan grew up in an Arab Middle Eastern country and lived in western environment, he combined between the socialist, nationalist thoughts and the democratic capitalist beliefs that deeply marked in his mind and soul.

He always mentions, “We must not turn our back to our origin, culture, nation, race, values and family. Each human should be proud of his/her native land representing the core of his/her humanity, as we all do. We have to respect others’ opinions and beliefs regardless if theirs are different than ours. In other words, why do we waste our time to undervalue others’ nations or countries, or different civilizations, while we are supposed to respect them as we expect others to treat us?!

“By this way, we can better understand the difference between nations especially when Globalization - which matches my life and personality-, has become the dominant word due to the amazing development in the Satellite navigations, different communication systems, advanced tools as well as Information Technology methods”.