ENAN GALALY - Principles

“Life, is to live in reality not to read about it or observe others’ imaginations and experience”.

He has his own philosophy towards the word “Failure”, It is a word through which we get a new experience. It does not mean that we lost anything but how to use it as a stepping stone on the road to new achievement. Meanwhile, “Success” could lead that people can forget to be down to earth to continue challenging life opportunities.

Enan considers “Experience” the most powerful value owned by any human being, even stronger than the financial power, “ Money can be lost by different crises, but experience lasts a lifetime”.

“Commitment “ is the word for any person wants to go ahead with life opportunities such as social, sports, and career or family … etc.

“I have to adapt myself rapidly according to the surroundings , to match the world’s development but without giving up my values, beliefs, culture, discipline…etc.,. otherwise I will be lagging behind”.

During hismeetings with the Group Management Team, he usually affirms that “We are not here to discuss matters but only to make decisions and act”.

“I always work with my hands, mind and soul and I expect that our team should do the same”.

“I saw few persons spending their valuable time digging under other people, those are only looking down, , at the same time we can use our effort to continue building up for better future”.

“I bow to both my employees for their efforts, also for the respective guests who trust us”.

“I have grown up in socialist, nationalist environments which adopt commando’s ideas developed in the youth. I faced many things in my real life that made me change my philosophy according to what I have been through and what I have gained from life experience.

“I feel as if my life is a kind of fairy tale or unreal movie story which I personally believe that I am living in a dream every day”.

Enan got many offers to write down his life story in a book, or to make it in a movie or TV series but his answer was “when I have time! every day for me is a new book or movie, let me live the real life instead of writing it”.

No person wants to suffer from sickness, poverty, family troubles, social or natural disasters and/or any other kind of tragedy. This means that all humans have the same goals on earth such as having respectable and peaceful life, get the necessary accommodation, food, drink, enjoy good health, avoid any crisis that can affect their beliefs ,body, soul, families, general living conditions, communities, cities and countries.

Therefore we all have the same aim to achieve the above mentioned goals and not to fight each other.

Some people get another direction in their lives. This may be due to different circumstances and it can be a result of what they have faced during their lives.

“Due to my own experience , many of them can be considered as victims of what they have been through in their own society”.

“Our community’s responsibility is taking care of those people to put them on the right track and support the development of their lives, to be active elements for their community’s benefit, instead of losing their future, this is the only way to reach our goals for general human being development”.

“We cannot prevent the existence of a person who has been in a certain period in the wrong place at the wrong time, but we can exert efforts to stop blaming others and to build up better future for them and for all of us”.

Enan evaluates each country and look with respect for its traditions, different resources, qualifications and potential, to make a new mission and vision for the development of its nation.

He was named several times as a global citizen, who lived and is still living most of his time on the roads and planes, travelling among different countries and cultures. He says that it became a kind of his own life style.

“Always take a quick decision. I found out that decision makers are the winners even if they took incorrect decisions, they gain experience, taking in consideration that the harm can be affordable”.